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Revitol Anti Wrinkle Solution Frequently Asked Questions

1. What causes wrinkles?
2. When do wrinkles start?
3. Will getting a facelift solve my problem with wrinkles?
4. Will Botox injections solve my problem with wrinkles?
5. Will skin peels solve my wrinkle problem?
6. What's different about the Revitol Solution?
7. Do I really need to care about free radicals?
8. Doesn't Prevage contain Idebenone?
9. Is the Revitol Solution safe?
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What causes wrinkles?
A variety of factors. Free radicals, ultraviolet and visible light, and pollutants, like smog and cigarette smoke, all shrink and thin the cells that give our skin shape and hold it firm. The effects of damaging factors are cumulative. Over time, our skin loses its ability to hold its shape and firmness. The sad result is wrinkles. Moving the skin, and gravity make the problem that much worse.

When do wrinkles start?
There's no fixed age. Different people are susceptible to wrinkles to different degrees depending on their heredity and lifestyles. Unfortunately, no one is immune to wrinkles forever.

Will getting a facelift solve my problem with wrinkles?
No. Facelifts don't solve anything. By cutting away some of your skin, they produce a temporary, very unnatural tightening effect. Sometimes the surgery goes terribly wrong. Even when it doesn't, you come out of it with bruises everywhere. Your face doesn't really look young, it just looks stiff. Assuming you're satisfied, you'll need to do it again down the line, for as long as you can handle it. Not to mention, for as long as you can pay for it, because facelifts cost. Do you think that's a solution?

Will Botox injections solve my problem with wrinkles?
Botox does nothing directly to the wrinkles at all. It's just a filler to try to smooth things out. It also paralyzes some of your facial muscles, the idea being that if you can't move your face, you won't produce wrinkles that way. They make Botox from poison, Botulism toxin, specifically for that paralyzing effect. When Botox works the way it's supposed to, the effect lasts only a few months. Then you have to pay the doctor to inject you some more. When it doesn't work the way it's supposed to, you get wrinkles later on and your face may be paralyzed forever. How much of a solution is that?

Will skin peels solve my wrinkle problem?
This uncomfortable process is another one that you have to do, and pay for, over and over. When it works, it leaves you all red. When it doesn't work, and the peeling gets below the surface of the skin, it can scar you for life. What kind of a solution is that?

What's different about the Revitol Solution?
The Revitol Solution is safe, it's convenient to use, it's affordable and it deals directly with wrinkles in a variety of ways. It contains several effective antioxidants, especially Idebenone, perhaps the most valuable antioxidant for use on the skin. What that means is that you're fighting the free radicals that do so much of the damage involved in aging, drying out and wrinkling your skin. Once wrinkles have formed, of course you need something to tighten up the sags. The Revitol Solution includes Argireline, which produces the more beneficial effects of Botox without the potentially nasty side effects or the need for injections. There are other tightening agents as well, including Skin Tightener ST and Pentacare NA. There are important healing ingredients, such as Hyaluronic Acid and DMAE. Ingredients such as Matrixyl work to restore collagen and elastin, that give your skin its shape. Other ingredients, such as Edelweiss Extract and Shea Butter, help protect your skin against ultraviolet light. A wide variety of moisturizers help to keep your skin looking its youngest. Meanwhile, LipoLight OAP helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles while the other ingredients get to work. This is far from a complete list of everything that the Revitol Solution does for you. And it does it without invasive cutting, injecting and peeling, at your convenience and for a sensible price. Wouldn't you say that's different? Aren't you glad it is?

Do I really need to care about free radicals?
Our research tells us that the answer emphatically is yes. Free radicals develop from the natural oxidation processes of your body. The problem with them is that they're liable to interact dangerously with anything and everything, including your DNA, and your skin cells. The body has mechanisms to fight free radicals, but they're very, very far from 100% perfect. Free radicals have been associated strongly with many aging effects, including wrinkles. The Revitol Solution contains several antioxidants to protect you, especially Idebenone.

Doesn't Prevage contain Idebenone?
It does, at a price of $115 per ounce, and it doesn't have the other ingredients that the Revitol Solution contains that work against wrinkles, dehydration and aging in different ways.

Is the Revitol Solution safe?
Yes. The Revitol Solution has not been shown to have any side effects, unlike any treatment that you would need a prescription to get. Compare this to surgery, Botox injections and skin peels. The Revitol Solution not only helps in so many ways, it lets you relax because you know you're not putting yourself at unnecessary risk.

We're so confident in Revitol Complete that we offer a risk-free guarantee! You have 90 days to return the products for a full refund less s/h. We offer a one of a kind guarantee because Revitol Complete is a one of a kind treatment!

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